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Buried Treasure
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First published: 1936-09 Strand (UK) /
1936-09-27 This Week (US) (Hidden Treasure)

Russian translations


Mr. Mulliner
Miss Postlethwaite
Whiskey and Splash, Small Bass, Gin and Italian Vermouth Mr. Mulliner's companions
Brancepeth Mulliner Nephew who is an artist, in love with Muriel
Lord Bromborough Has his portrait painted by Brancepeth. Has an enormous moustache called Joyeuse
Sir Preston Potter, Bart. Rival moustache grower of Lord Bromborough who named his moustache Love in Idleness
Muriel Lord Bromborough's daughter in love with Brancepeth
George Phipps Lord Bromborough's butler
Edwin Potter Sir Preston's son engaged to Muriel

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