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Monkey Business
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First published: 1932-12 Strand (UK) /
1932-12 American (US) (A Cagey Gorilla)

Russian translation


Mr. Mulliner
A Tankard of Stout, Small Bass, Gin Fizz Mr. Mulliner's companions
Miss Postlethwaite
Montrose Mulliner Timid distant cousin who is Assistant Director of the Perfecto-Zizzbaum Motion Picture Corp. of Hollywood
Rosalie Beamish Engaged to Montrose
Mr. Schnellenhamer President of Perfecto-Zizzbaum
George Pybus Montrose's friend who works in the Press Department
Cyril Waddesley-Davenport Actor who attended Oxford who plays the part of a gorilla
Luella Benstead (*)
Mr. Bunyan (*)
Captain Jack Fosdyke (*)

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