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Gala Night
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First published: 1930-05 Cosmopolitan (US) / 1930-06 Strand (UK)

Russian translation


Mr. Mulliner
Stout and Mild, Sherry and Bitters, Whiskey Sour, Lemonade and Angostura Mr. Mulliner's companions
The Rev. Augustine Mulliner Nephew who is now a Vicar
Ronald Bracy-Gascoigne Engaged to Hypatia and loves dancing
Jane Mulliner Augustine's wife who is ill
Hypatia Wace Jane's school friend. Niece and ward of the Bishop of Stortford
Percy, Bishop of Stortford Augustine's superior
Pricilla The Bishop's wife
Constable Boker (*)
Wilfred Mulliner (*)
Constable Cyril Smith (*)

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