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Open House
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First published: 1932-04 American (US)/Strand (UK)

Russian translation


Mr. Mulliner
Eustace Mulliner 24 year old nephew in the Swiss embassy in love with Marcella
Marcella Tyrrwhitt Loved by Eustace
William Marcella's canary
Reginald Marcella's Peke
Beatrice Watterson Eustace's former flame who took Reginald
Blekinsop Eustace's valet
Orlando Wotherspoon Eustace's large and unpleasant neighbor who is the vice president of Our Dumb Chums' League
Francis Aunt Georgiana's cat
Lady Georgiana Beazley-Beazley Eustace's rich widowed aunt
Blenkinsop (*)
Percy Lord Knubble (*)

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