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Cats Will be Cats
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First published: 1932-03 American (US) (The Bishop's Folly) / 1932-06 Strand (UK) (The Bishop's Folly)

Russian translation


Mr. Mulliner
Whisky and Splash, Small Port, Pint of Bitter, Lemon Sour and Rum and Milk Mr. Mulliner's companions
Lancelot Mulliner Artist engaged to Gladys
Webster Lancelot's uncle's cat
Gladys Bingley Engaged to Lancelot
Theodore, Bishop of Bongo-Bongo Lancelot's wealthy uncle who loves his cat
Lady Widdrington Sir George's widow who loves Theodore and cats, but not Webster
Mrs. Pulteney-Banks Lady Widdrington's mother
Percy Lady Widdrington's mean cat
Fotheringay Lady Widdrington's butler

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