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The Story of Webster
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First published: 1932-02 American (US) /
1932-05 Strand (UK) (The Bishop's Cat)

Russian translation


Mr. Mulliner
Pint of Bitter, Lemon Sour and Small Bass Mr. Mulliner's companions
Lancelot Mulliner Cousin Edward's son, a 25 year old artist
Theodore Bongo-Bongo, Dean of Bolsover Lancelot's rich uncle who became a Bishop
Gladys Bingley Engaged to Lancelot, known as The Sweet Singer of Garbidge Mews, Fulham
Webster Uncle Theodore's cat
Brenda Carberry-Pirbright Lancelot's fiancee, a pill whose portrait he painted
Bernard Worple Lancelot's friend who is a neo-vorticist sculpter
Rodney Scollop Lancelot's friend who is a surrealist painter
Edward Mulliner (*)
Clare Throckmorton Stooge (*)

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