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The Smile that Wins
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First published: 1931-10 American (US) / 1932-02 Strand (UK) - (Adrian Mulliner, Detective/Mr. Mulliner, Private Detective)

Russian translation


Mr. Mulliner
Miss Postlethwaite
Pint of Stout, Whisky Sour and Mild and Bitter Mr. Mulliner's companions
Adrian Mulliner Dark, thin and melancholy nephew. A detective with dyspepsia and a curious smile, he loves Millicent.
Lady Millicent Shipton-Bellinger Loves Adrian
Reginald Alexander Montacute James Bramfylde Tregennis Shipton-Bellinger, the 5th Earl of Brangbolton Lady Millicent's father who wants her to marry Sir Jasper. Plays Persian Monarchs.
Sir Jasper Addleton, O.B.E. Bald and fat financier in love with Millicent
Sir Sutton Hartley-Wesping, Bart. Invites Adrian to his country house
The Very Reverend the Dean of Bittlesham Performed at the wedding of Adrian and Millicent

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