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Came the Dawn
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First published: 1927-06-11 Liberty (US) / 1927-07 Strand (UK)

Russian translations


Mr. Mulliner
Lancelot Bassington Mulliner Nephew who wants to be a poet. Signed to a Hollywood contract.
Jeremiah Briggs Lancelot's wealthy uncle who owns Briggs's Breakfast Pickles
Angela The Earl's daughter whom Lancelot loves
The Earl of Biddlecombe Impoverished Earl
Isadore Zinzinheimer Head of the Bigger, Better & Brighter Motion Picture Company of Hollywood who signs up Lancelot
Slingsby Purvis Lancelot's rival
Bewstridge Jeremiah's butler
Fotheringay Lord Biddlecombe's butler
Margerison (*)

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