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Frederick Fotheringay Widgeon
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Frederick Fotheringay Widgeon, a Drone in Fate, Noblesse Oblige, Good-Bye to All Cats, Trouble Down at Tudsleigh, The Masked Troubadour, The Code of the Woosters, Bramley Is So Bracing, Joy in the Morning, Freddie, Oofy, and the Beef Trust, Ring For Jeeves, Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit, The Fat of the Land, Ice in the Bedroom and Bingo Bans the Bomb, might have stepped straight out of the advertisement columns of one of the glossier and more expensive magazines, though criticisms have been made from time to time of his intelligence. Went to school at St Asaph's. Dependent on his uncle Rodney Widgeon, Lord Blicester Another uncle in Fate is a bishop. Girls always like Freddie at first—but he is a constantly unsuccessful suitor. Gets the bird from Mavis Peasemarch in Fate and again in Bramley Is So Bracing. Courts April Carroway in Trouble Down at Tudsleigh, where he loses his pants. Other girls with whom he has been in love include Drusilla Wix, Dahlia Prenderby, Vanessa Vokes, Helen Christopher, Dora Pinfold, and Hildegard Watt-Watson. If all the girls he has loved and lost were placed end to end, they would reach halfway down Piccadilly—or further, as some of them were pretty tall. Courts Dora Pinfold in The Masked Troubadour, where he performs anonymously at Amateur Night in the Bottleton East Palace of Varieties and saves greasy bird Jos Waterbury from a nasty pub brawl. Frequently touched by Waterbury for small loans since then, he becomes involved with Waterbury and Oofy Prosser in a wrestling promotion scheme in Freddie, Oofy, and the Beef Trust. Once pinched at Hurst Park by his cousin Cyril, a policeman, as recalled in Joy in the Morning. Bertie's rival in the Drones' Darts Sweep in Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit. Originator of the Fat Uncles sweepstakes at the Drones in The Fat of the Land, where his middle name is given as Fortescue. Finally woos and wins Sally Foster in Ice in the Bedroom, where Percy Cornelius loans him £3000 to start a coffee plantation in Kenya. Of an innocent and unsuspicious nature, he believes everything he reads in Time.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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