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The Masked Troubadour
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First published: 1936-11-28 Saturday Evening Post (US) (Reggie and the Greasy Bird)
1936-12 Strand (UK)

Russian translation

  • Menestrel' v maske by N.Trauberg: 2005, 2012


Freddie Widgeon
Jos. Waterbury Small, greasy pianist who accompanies Freddie at an Amateur Night
Lord Blicester Freddie's rich uncle, the 3rd Earl
Lady Pinfold Lord Blicester's friend
Dora Pinfold Lady Pinfold's daughter with whom Freddie is in love
Egbert Barmy Phipps' cousin at Harrow who is an expert with a slingshot. He also starts trouble in Cocktail Time.
Mrs. Bessemer (*)
Percival Alexander Hotchkiss (*)
Barmy Phipps (*)

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