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Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukridge
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Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukridge (rhymes with Duke-ridge; middle name pronounced as spelled, ace. to Debrett's Correct Form), much-enduring, disreputable entrepreneur in Love Among the Chickens and nineteen Ukridge stories where his schemes generally go awry. Attended school at Wrykyn, where his cronies included James Corcoran and George Tupper. Expelled from Wrykyn for breaking out at night to try his skills at the coconut-shies of the local village fair. First appears in Love Among the Chickens, where he has a wife Millie and a wealthy Aunt Elizabeth (Lady Lakenheath), and attempts to establish a chicken farm with the help of writer friend Jeremy Garnet, his onetime colleague on the staff of a private school. Nephew of author Julia Ukridge, whose Pekingese dogs attend Ukridge's Dog College in Ukridge's Dog College. Other misappropriated belongings of his Aunt Julia include a diamond brooch, which he pops in The Level Business Head. Wears a bright yellow mackintosh, his companion through many discreditable adventures, and a pince-nez held in place by ginger-beer wire. A bachelor except in his first appearance, he used to date Dora Mason during one of his many stays at Wimbledon; he helps her get started in business in First Aid for Dora, Ukridge Sees Her Through. Briefly engaged to Mabel Price in No Wedding Bells for Him, to Millie Lakenhurst in Ukridge Rounds a Nasty Corner, to another Mabel in A Bit of Luck for Mabel. A large man himself, he discovers and manages the boxing career of the even larger Battling Billson in The Debut of Battling Billson, The Return of Battling Billson, The Exit of Battling Billson, The Come-Back of Battling Billson. Frequently dependent on George Tupper and James Corcoran for loans, lodging, and articles of clothing. Sleeping-partner in bookmaking firm of Issac O'Brien in The Long Arm of Looney Coote, where he assists the political campaign of former schoolmate B.V. Lawlor. His London residence is Arundel Street, Leicester Square. Said to be PGW's favorite character: "Ukridge is a real character. He was drawn from a friend of mine with whom I used to run about from 1903 onwards. I have not seen him for years, and I suppose he is old and respectable now!"-PGW letter to a Mr. Simmons, 9/27/51.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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