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Love Among the Chickens
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First published in UK: June 1906 by George Newnes Ltd., London
First published in US: May 11 1909 by Circle Publishing Company, New York
Rewritten edition first published in UK: May 1921 by Herbert Jenkins, London
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Russian translation

Giving us our first jaw-dropping encounter with Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukridge, Love Among the Chickens, published in 1906 (and revised in 1920) to accommodate the inflation in egg prices), launched P.G. Wodehouse's career, and that of his larger-than-life-hero.

Ukridge has hit upon a foolproof plan to get rich quick: he's starting a chicken farm. Dragging his adoring wife Millie and his long-suffering friend and novelist Jeremy Garnet with him to Dorset he begins his enterprise. En route, however, Garnet has fallen in love.

Complications in classic Wodehousian style ensue, involving the taciturn Hired Man and his bumptious dog Bob, supercilious chickens, irascible professors, angry creditors and divided lovers. For the lucky reader, it is sheer hilarity...

Love Among the Chickens Love Among the Chickens Love Among the Chickens Love Among the Chickens Love Among the Chickens Love Among the Chickens Love Among the Chickens Love Among the Chickens Love Among the Chickens Love Among the Chickens
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Jeremy Garnet Hero author of two published novels, ex-schoolmaster with Ukridge, and wants to marry Phyllis
Mrs. Medly Garnet's landlady
Lickford Writer and painter friend of Garnet's
Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukridge 6' 2" loveable scoundrel who wears old grey flannel suit with pince-nez and gingerbeer wire plus mackintosh. Favorite expression is "old horse."
Millie Ukridge Stanley's wife
Phyllis Derrick - Heroine loved by Jerry
Patrick Derrick Phyllis' father who is professor at Dublin University
Albert Youth in train with Aunty and 20 year old sister
Aunty Travelling with Albert
Molly McEachern Phyllis' friend who gave her Jerry's book
Bob Beale's mongrel dog
Beale Red-headed ex-sergeant who is handyman on the chicken farm
Mrs. Beale Beale's wife and the farm's cook
Tom Chase Lieutenant in the Royal Navy who is engaged to Norah. A fancy talker like Psmith.
Dawlish Grocer at Lyme Regis
Edwin Millie's pure-bred Persian cat
Norah Derrick Phyllis' sister engaged to Tom Chase
Farmer Leigh Neighbor near Up Lyme to Chicken farm
Harry Hawk Boatman hired by Jerry to throw Prof. Derrick overboard
Vickers Butcher in Lyme Regis
Curtis Fishmonger in Lyme Regis
Aunt Elizabeth Millie's aunt who is Lady Lakenheath
Smith Gramophone dealer in Dorchester
Jane Muspratt Harry Hawk's fiancee
Mrs. Kathleen O'Brien Phyllis' aunt who gave wedding reception
Mrs. Minchley Mrs. O'Brien's cook
Mr. Hill Mrs. O'Brien's butler

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