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Not George Washington
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First published in UK: October 18 1907 by Cassel and Company, London
E-text (306K)

This partly autobiographical novel is of Wodehouse's early journalistic life as shared with Herbert Westbrook, who collaborated.

Not George Washington Not George Washington Not George Washington Not George Washington
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Margaret Goodwin Engaged to Cloyster
James Orlebar Cloyster Journalist
Ponto Margaret's dog
Gunton-Cresswell Margaret and Cloyster's friend
Mrs. Driver Cloyster's first landlady
David Ossian Macrae Cloyster's tutor at St. Gabriel's, Cambridge
Charles Fermin Columnist on The Orb
Gresham Writer on The Orb
Stanley Briggs Musical comedy actor-manager
Julian Eversleigh Advertising writer and Cloyster's friend
Vancott Baker who is Eversleigh's landlord in Rupert St.
Malim Sir George Grant's secretary in the Foreign Office
Kit Malim Malim's wife
Tom Blake Kit's brother who skippers a barge. Ghost of Cloyster's serious verse.
The Rev. John Hatten Runs a boy's club in Lambeth, Ghost of Cloyster's fiction.
Sidney Price Works for the Moon Assurance Company. Ghost of society stuff.
George Chandos Pseudonym Cloyster wanted to use
Norah Perkins Sid's girl friend
Ada Blake Tom's wife
Nuppie and Albert Blake's young helpers aboard the barges
Eva Eversleigh Julian's cousin whom he marries
Fane Columnist of the "People and Things" in The Orb
Richard Belsey Briggs' valet
Dawkins (*)
Maundrell (*)
Mr. Michael (*)
Perkins (*)

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