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First Aid for Dora
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First published: 1923-07 Cosmopolitan (US) / 1923-08 Strand (UK)

Russian translations

  • Moj vizit k tetke Ekridzha by E.Tolkachev: 1928
  • Rytsari malen'koj Dory by N.Chukovskij: 1928, 1995
  • Neotlozhnaq pomosch' Dore by I.Gurova: 2003, 2009, 2011, 2011


Corcoran Narrator who poses as a reporter from Woman's Sphere
Dora Mason Secretary/Companion to Aunt Julia
Bowles Formerly in the employ of the Earl of Oxted
Julia Ukridge Ukridge's Aunt, a famous writer of romantic novels who has been elected President of the Pen & Ink Club
Muriel Watterson Editress of Woman's Sphere and Aunt Julia's friend

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