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The Girl in Blue
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First published in UK: October 29 1970 by Barrie & Jenkins, London
First published in US: February 22 1971 by Simon & Schuster, New York

Russian translation

Not being a dentist turns out to be a stroke of good luck for Jerry.

If he were, he would not have been summoned to sit on the jury with the delightful Jane, with whom he falls instantly in love. Only then does the sudden realization that he is already engaged to Vera Upshaw strike him. Vera has been insisting that Jerry is entitled to his inheritance, currently kept in trust by Uncles Crispin and Willoughby. Meanwhile, Willoughby is thrilled at being the proud owner of Gainsborough's small painting of one of his ancestors, called The Girl in Blue, but when she goes missing, believed stolen, Jerry is called upon to track down the 'Minnie Shaw', wherever she may be...

The Girl in Blue The Girl in Blue The Girl in Blue The Girl in Blue The Girl in Blue The Girl in Blue
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Homer Pyle Corporation Lawyer who thinks his sister, Barney, is a kleptomaniac.
Duane Sottlemeyer Assistant Manager of Guildenstem's Stores
Mrs. Bernadette (Barney) Clayborne Homer's sister, who falls in love with Crispin
Gerald Godfrey Francis (Jerry) West Hero cartoonist, golf-loving nephew of Crispin & Willoughby
Willoughby (Bill) Scrope Jerry's Uncle Bill, a London lawyer who is a friend of Homer Pyle
Crispin Scrope Willoughby's elder brother who owns Mellingham Hall
Jane Hunnicut Jerry's love-at-first-sight
Johnny Halliday Lawyer friend of Jerry's
Vera Upshaw Jerry's spectacularly beautiful, gold-digging fiancee who writes inspirational novels and essays
Dame Flora Faye Beautiful actress, Vera's mother and relict of the late Charlie Upshaw
Mabel Receptionist at Scrope, Ashby & Pemberton
Constable Ernest Simms Mellingham-in-the-Vale's police force
Chippendale A broker's man who acts as Crispin's butler
Marlene Hibbs Local girl who gives Chippendale a play to make Constable Simms jealous
Beefy Hibbs Marlene's uncle and landlord of the Goose and Gander
Buster Marlene's bull terrier
Percy (*)

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