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Barmy in Wonderland (Angel Cake)
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UK Title: Barmy in Wonderland
First published in UK: April 21 1952 by Herbert Jenkins, London
US Title: Angel Cake
First published in US: May 8 1952 by Doubleday & Company, Garden City, New York

Russian translation

  • Prostak v strane chudes by I. Mitrofanova: 2004, 2012

Although Cyrill Fotheringay-Phipps, fondly known as Barmy, only consulted a fortune-teller to take the weight off his feet, it did seem as though the old crystal ball had had an eyeful. Had he not met 'Dinty', the fair girl to end all fair girls, and was he not about to enrich the Broadway theatrical scene?

But while Barmy was rising his hat to Gypsy Sybill, fate was aiming a nasty jolt at the solar plexus...

Barmy in Wonderland Angel Cake Barmy in Wonderland Barmy in Wonderland Barmy in Wonderland Barmy in Wonderland Barmy in Wonderland Barmy in Wonderland
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J.G. Anderson Owner of the Hotel Washington in Ohio, and the Lakeside Inn at Skeewassett, Maine. Barmy's employer.
Mervyn Potter World-famous movie star engaged to Hermione, who breaks it
(Barmy) Cyril Fotheringay-Phipps Desk clerk for Anderson. The position was obtained by his uncle. Lord Binghampton, a breeder of Siamese cats. Went to Eton and Oxford, recently inherited wealth. Loves Dinty.
(Dinty) Eileen Moore Joe's friendly secretary who loves Barmy
Tulip Mervyn's Tanganyikan lion dog
Hermione Brimble Mervyn's fiancee, the daughter of the financial magnate, C. Hamilton Brimble
Bulstrode The Brimble's English butler
Joe Lehman Ex-vaudeville agent now a theatrical producer
Jack McClure Lehman's partner
Fanny Lehman Joe's wife who was known as Fanita, World's Greatest Juggler
Gladys Whittaker Jack's sister-in-law who plays opposite Mervyn in Sacrifice
Oscar Fritchie Assistant Manager of a hotle who is "show biz" crazy. He is Barmy's partner in the play.
Cecil Benham The director of Barmy's play
J. Bromley Lippincott Attorney-at-law
Mrs. C. Hamilton Brimble (*)
Lester Burdett (*)
Kitty Humphries (*)
Peggy Marlowe (*)
Schwed (*)
Meredith (*)
Bernie Sampson (*)

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