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Jill the Reckless (The Little Warrior)
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US Title: The Little Warrior
First published in US: October 11 1920 by George H. Doran, New York
UK Title: Jill the Reckless
First published in UK: July 4 1921 by Herbert Jenkins, London
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Russian translation

  • Neuyomnaya Dzhill by I. Mitrofanova: 2003, 2012

Jill had money and was engaged to be married to Sir Derek Underhill. But when she suddenly becomes penniless, she finds herself no longer engaged. Refusing to be beaten, she heads for New York, with a smile that betrays a tinge of recklessness, to join the chorus of "The Rose of America".

The Little Warrior Jill the Reckless Jill the Reckless Jill the Reckless The Little Warrior The Little Warrior Jill the Reckless
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Freddie Rooke Wealthy, kind and idle young drone who was a childhood friend of Wally and Jill's. Was Sir Derek's fag at Winchester. Loves Nelly Bryant.
Horace Parker Freddie's valet in the Jeeves pattern
Sir Derek Underhill 30 year old Member of Parliament who is engaged to Jill. Dominated by his mother and has a weak character.
Jill Mariner English-American heroine who has pale gold hair and is loved by Wally
Lady Underhill Derek's mother who dislikes Jill and is disliked by Freddie
Major Christopher Selby Jill's lovable but scoundrelly uncle who is very like Ukridge. He loses Jill's fortune, goes to America and sells Nervino. Woos Mrs. Peagrim.
Ronny Devereux Freddie's pal
Algy Martin Freddie's pal and member of the Drones Club
Ferris Lady Underbill's maid
Wally Mason Hero and childhood friend of Freddie and Jill's who is in love with Jill. Wrote the unsuccessful drama Tried by Fire under the pen-name of John Grant, but a successful writer of musical comedies with George Bevan. Does Swedish exercises in the morning.
Ellen Parker Horace's wife and Freddie's cook
Nelly Bryant American chorus girl stranded in London. Cast in The Rose of America in New York. Owns the parrot Bill and loves Freddie whom she eventually marries.
Bill Nelly's parrot
Elmer Mariner Jill's stingy farmer uncle in Brookport, Long Island
Julia Mariner Jill's aunt
Tibby Mariner Elmer and Julia's 8 year old child
Rover Tibby's spaniel
(Ike) Issac Goble Partner in Goble & Cohn, theatrical managers. Producing The Rose of America.
Otis Pilkington Young, rich, spoiled author and lyrist of The Rose of America in New York who is dominated by his aunt, Olive Peagrim
Roland Trevis Young composer of The Rose of America
Mrs. Waddesleigh (Olive) Peagrim Otis' wealthy aunt who falls under Uncle Chris' spell
Mr. Saltzburg Musical director of Otis' show who is also a frustrated composer
Babe Redheaded chorus girl in Otis' show
(The Cherub) D'Arcy Chorus girl with condescending airs
Johnson Miller Famous deaf choreographer for the show
Wentworth Hill Famous English actor who gets fired from the show
Phil Brown (*)
Lois Denham (*)
Miss Frisby (*)
Algernon Martyn (*)
Sir Chester Portwood (*)

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