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The Adventures of Sally (Mostly Sally)
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UK Title: The Adventures of Sally
First published in UK: October 17 1922 by Herbert Jenkins, London
US Title: Mostly Sally
First published in US: March 23 1923 by George H. Doran, New York
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Russian translation

  • Priklucheniya Salli by N. Budina: 2003

Life was always simple for Sally Nicholas - until she became rich.

Being unaccustomed to owning a great deal of money, Sally hasn't got the hang of it yet. Which is why she agrees to backing a show written by her fiance Gerald and staged by her brother Fillmore. It seems like a good way of making them all happy... But when Ginger Kemp, a rather hopeless, charming young man Sally met in Roville, appears in America and offers not-very-glad tidings about Gerald, he really puts the cat among the pigeons.

The Adventures of Sally Mostly Sally The Adventures of Sally The Adventures of Sally The Adventures of Sally The Adventures of Sally The Adventures of Sally The Adventures of Sally
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Sally Nicholas 21 year old Heroine. A small, trim, brownhaired American who worked at a Dance Hall before inheriting $25,000.
Fillmore Nicholas Pompous 25 year old brother who was expelled from Harvard. First becomes assistant stage manager of The Primrose Way and then its sole backer. Marries Gladys.
Augustus Bartlett Sally's friend who works for the brokerage firm of Kahn, Morris & Brown
Elsa Doland Sally's pretty actress friend with big eyes who marries Foster
Maxwell Faucitt Oldtime English actor living in New York boarding house whose brother died leaving him a fortune and a fancy dress shop
Gerald Foster Handsome Englishman in his mid-twenties engaged to Sally. Went to school with Ginger. An unsuccessful playwright who jilts Sally, and marries Elsa who leaves him.
Reginald Cracknell The Millionaire Kid who was the original backer of The Primrose Way
Mabel Hobson Chorus girl who talked Cracknell into giving her the starring role
(Ginger) Lancelot Kemp Hero Redheaded English chap who stopped a dog fight. Went to Cambridge and played Rugby. A dog lover who went to school with Foster and loves Sally. Finally marries Sally and owns dog kennels.
Bruce Carmyle Ginger's wealthy cousin, a rising lawyer
Toto Mrs. Meecham's dog
Gladys Winch Bit-part actress engaged to Fillmore
Mr. Bunbury Producer of The Primrose Way
Bugs Butler Unpleasant contender for the lightweight boxing title
Lew Lucas Lightweight boxing champion
Lester Burrowes Bugs' manager
Isadore Abrahams Owner of the Flower Garden dance hall where Sally worked
Donald (*)
Jules (*)
Marvellous Murphys (*)
Mrs. Meecher (*)

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