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Money For Nothing
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First published in UK: July 27 1928 by Herbert Jenkins, London
First published in US: September 28 1928 by Doubleday, Doran & Co., Garden City, New York

Russian translation

Following a contretemps with Colonel Wyvern, what could be better than a sojourn at Healthward Ho?

Quite a lot, as it turns out. Lester Carmody of Rudge Hall has put himself into the hands of Dr Twist, the aptly named owner of that establishment. Meanwhile, Lester's nephew John is trying to bring to fruition his romance with the Colonel's daughter, Pat. He is severely distracted by a visit from the Molloys, who, along with their old pal Chimp Twist, have a devious money-making scheme that depends on the greed of Carmody. Carmody is more than happy to comply...

Money For Nothing Money For Nothing Money For Nothing Money For Nothing Money For Nothing Money For Nothing Money For Nothing Money For Nothing
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Chas. Bywater — Chemist in Rudge and its chief gossip
Colonel Meredith Wyvern — Pat's father and estranged friend of Lester's
Lester Carmody — John's fat and wealthy uncle. Hugo's uncle and trustee. Miserly fellow who tries to burgle his own home.
Patricia Wyvern — Heroine — The Colonel's daughter
John Carroll — Νεγξ — Lester's nephew who is the manager of his estate
Emily — John's Welch terrier who is partial to cough drops
Bolt — Lester's chauffeur
Hugo Carmody — Lester's nephew and John's cousin. An amiable drone who went to Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge and wants to run a nightclub with a friend.
(Chimp) Dr. Alexander Twist — A small, weedy crook running Healthward Ho
Egbert Flannery — An ex-sergeant-major who works at Healthward Ho
Ronald Overbury Fish — Hugo's school chum and amiable drone who wants to start a nightclub called The Hot Spot off Bond Street in London
(Soapy) Thomas G. Molloy — 42 year old American confidence man
Dolly Molloy — Pretty wife of Soapy's
The Rev. Alistair Pond-Pond — Vicar at Rudge
Bessemer — Ronnie's valet
Sturgis — Butler at Rudge Hall
Constable Mould — Policeman in Rudge

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