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Piccadilly Jim
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First published in US: February 24 1917 by Dodd, Mean and Company, New York
First published in UK: May 1918 by Herbert Jenkins Limited, London
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Russian translation

The life of Jimmy Crocker has been little more than one drunken brawl after another. His formidable Aunt Nesta has had enough of his antics and decrees that the young Crocker must be reformed. However, Jimmy has fallen in love and decided to reform himself. Unfortunately, to win the heart of his intended, Jimmy must pretend to be someone else and take part in the kidnapping of Aunt Nesta's loathesome offspring Ogden.The reformation of oneself can be a decidedly tricky business.

A partial sequel to The Little Nugget.

Piccadilly Jim Piccadilly Jim Piccadilly Jim Piccadilly Jim Piccadilly Jim Piccadilly Jim Piccadilly Jim Piccadilly Jim Piccadilly Jim Piccadilly Jim
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Mr. Peter Pett Millionaire financier bullied by his wife and loves baseball
Mrs. Nesta Ford Pett Mr. Pett's wife of two years in her early 40's who writes sensational fiction
Willie Partridge Mrs. Pett's nephew and brainless son of inventor Dwight Partridge who is working on an explosive
Ogden Ford 14 year old fat and precocious son of Nesta's
Ann Chester Heroine and Mr. Pett's niece with red-gold hair
Jerry Mitchell Mr. Pett's private physical instructor who loves Celestine
(Jimmy) James Braithwaite Crocker Hero and Nesta's 26 year old nephew and Bingley's son. Ex-journalist with the Cronicle. Talks like Psmith.
Mrs. Eugenia Crocker Nesta's sister and widow of millionaire G.G. Van Brunt who lives in London with her new husband
Bingley Crocker 50 year old obscure actor who married Eugenia five years ago
Lord Wisbeach Pseudonym for Gentleman Jack of Burke's gang who is an oily suitor to Ann
Hammond Chester Ann's father and Mr. Pett's brother-in-law
Biggs Pett's chauffeur
Celestine Mrs. Pett's maid whose real name is Maggie O'Toole
Bud Smithers Jerry's friend who owns a dog hospital on Long Island
Bayliss Mrs. Crocker's butler in London who likes Bingley and Jimmy
Lora Delane Porter Feminist writer friend of Nesta's
Skinner Bingley Crocker's alias as he butties for the Petts
Mary The Pett's parlour-maid
Aida Mrs. Pett's pomeranian
Mr. Sturgis Proprietor of the International Detective Agency
Miss Trimble A detective working for Mr. Sturgis
Reginald Bartling (*)
Lord Percy Whipple (*)

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