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The Custody of the Pumpkin
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First published: 1924-11-29 Saturday Evening Post (US) / 1924-12 Strand (UK)

Russian translation


Angus McAllister Lord Emsworth's head gardener
Hon. Freddie Threepwood Lord Emsworth's 26 year old second son who gets engaged and then marries Aggie
Lord Emsworth Fluffy-minded, amiable peer who wins first prize for his pumpkin. This pumpkin phase preceded the more lasting sow adoration.
Beach Butler at Blandings
(Aggie) Niagara Donaldson Rich American girl who marries Freddie
Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe Lord Emsowrth's rival in the pumpkin contest
Blandings Hope Lord Emsworth's pumpkin
Robert Barker Lord Emsworth's second gardener
Mr. Donaldson American millionaire whose daughter married Freddie

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