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The Story of Cedric
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First published: 1929-05 Strand (UK) / 1929-05-11 Liberty (US)

Russian translation


Mr. Mulliner
Miss Postlethwaite Barmaid who broke her engagement to Alfred Lukyn for wearing yellow shoes
Cedric Mulliner Cousin who is a neat, prim, fussy and fat 45 year old snob
Myrtle Watling Calm, strong secretary to Cedric. Lives in Valley Fields and loves him.
Lady Chloe Downblotton Engaged to Claude and daughter of the 7th Earl of Choole
Claude Artist engaged to Lady Chloe who wore yellow shoes with dress clothes and borrowed Cedric's correct shoes, leaving Cedric with his
Mortal Error Myrtle's cat
Percy Lord Knubble (*)
Mr. Lanchester (*)
Alfred Lukyn (*)

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