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Ukridge's Accident Syndicate
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First published: 1923-05 Cosmopolitan (US) /
1923-06 Strand (UK) (Ukridge, Teddy Weeks and the Tomato)

Russian translations

  • Sindikat Ekridzha by M.Savitskaya: 1926
  • Sindikat neschastnykh sluchaev - Tridtsat' dnej #10, 1927, Moscow
  • Sindikat neschastnykh sluchaev by E.Tolkachev: 1928
  • Sindikat neschastnykh proisshestvij by N.Chukovskij: 1928, 1995
  • Ukridzhskij Sindikat Neschastnykh Sluchaev by I.Gurova: 2003, 2009, 2011, 2011, 2023


Ukridge Uses Lunt's scheme to form an Accident Syndicate
Narrator Ukridge's writer friend
Teddy Weeks Ukridge's friend who is supposed to have an accident. Becomes famous actor who gets married.
Victor Beamish Ukridge's friend who is a struggling illustrator
Bertram Fox Ukridge's friend who is the author of "Ashes of Remorse" and other unproduced movie scenarios
Robert Dunhill Ukridge's friend who works in the New Asiatic Bank
Freddie Lunt Ukridge's friend who had an accident which started off the idea of the syndicate

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