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The Rough Stuff
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First published: 1920-10-10 Chicago Tribune (US) / 1921-04 Strand (UK)

Russian translation

  • Muzhskoj kharakter by A.Pritykina, D.Pritykin: 2006, 2012


The Oldest Member Narrates a story telling why women should take up golf while drinking a seltzer and lemon
The Young Man Engaged to Genevieve
Ramsden Waters Timid young golfer but forceful when actually playing it. Loves Eunice.
Eunice Bray Beautiful woman who marries Ramsden
Wilberforce Bray Eunice's younger brother
Marcella Bingley Good golfer in competition with Ramsden and Eunice
George Perkins Marcella's golfing partner
Kitty Manders (*)

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