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The Heel of Achilles
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First published: 1921-11 Strand (UK) / 1922-06-11 Chicago Tribune (US)

Russian translation

  • Akhillesova pyata by A.Pritykina, D.Pritykin: 2006, 2012


The Oldest Member Narrator of a story on the betting on golf. Alumnus of Cambridge and Jopp's secretary.
Vincent Jopp American millionaire divorced three times and can do anything he puts his mind to
Amelia Merridew Provisionally engaged to Jopp but loves another
Sandy McHoots Winner of the British and American Open who taught Jopp
Mrs. Luella Mainprice Jopp Former wife who talks babytalk to her Peke
Mrs. Jane Jukes Jopp Former wife belonging to the horsey-sporting set
Mrs. Agnes Parsons Jopp Former wife who is a hypochondriac

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