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Ordeal by Golf
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First published: 1919-12-06 Colliers (US) / 1920-02 Strand (UK) (A Kink in His Character)

Russian translation

  • Ispytanie gol'fom by A.Pritykina, D.Pritykin: 2008, 2012


The Oldest Member Narrator friend of Mr. Paterson who tells of losing temper at golf
Mitchell Holmes Worked for Mr. Paterson and can imitate a bulldog fighting a Peke. Has a temper only while playing golf.
Millicent Boyd Engaged to Mitchell
Alexander Paterson President of Paterson Dyeing and Refining Company who has a treasurership opening in his company Decides to have a game with Holmes and Dixon to see who gets it.
Rupert Dixon Unpleasant rival to Holmes

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