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The Salvation of George Mackintosh
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First published: 1921-06 Strand (UK) / 1921-09 McClure's (US)

Russian translation

  • Chudesnoe istselenie Dzhordzha Makintosha by A.Pritykina, D.Pritykin: 2008, 2012


The Oldest Member Narrator who plays a game with Celia and tells the story of a great talking golfer
The Young Man To whom the story is told
Herbert Pobsley Great talker while playing with the Young Man
George Mackintosh Handsome young golfer who talked incessantly while playing. Loves Celia.
Celia Tennant Loves George and hits him with a club to stop him from being an eloquent talker
Eustace Brinkley (*)
Claude Mainwaring (*)
Sandy McHoots (*)
Major Moseby (*)

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