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The Clicking of Cuthbert
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First published: 1921-10 Strand (UK) (The Unexpected Clicking of Cuthbert) /
1922-07 Elk's Magazine (US) (Cuthbert Unexpectedly Clicks)

Russian translation


The Oldest Member Pipe-smoking story teller who narrates this series
Young Man Wanting to give up golf before hearing the story
J. Cuthbert Banks Ardent young golfer in love with Adeline
(Aunt Emily) Mrs. Willoughby Smethurst President of Wood Hills Literary and Debating Society who loathes golfers and brings culture to the area by way of guest lecturers
Adeline Smethurst Emily's visiting niece who is loved by Devine and Banks
Raymond Parsloe Devine Young novelist who is a member of the Literary Society. Loves Adeline.
Vladimir Brusiloff Famous Russian novelist who lectured at Wood Hills and is a golfer who admires Cuthbert. Favorite authors are Wodehouse and Tolstoy.

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