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Old Home Week in Moscow

Old Home Week in Moscow

10th-16th August 2008

Thanks to the publicity given to the matter in December and March by Wooster Sauce and Plum Lines, the whole world today knows that The Russian Wodehouse Society (TRWS) has taken the initiative to host "Old Home Week" in Moscow. We are glad to inform our friends Wodehouseans that the dates of the "Old Home Week in Moscow" have already been settled for 10th-16th August 2008.

We appreciate the expressions of interest in the event from the members of different Wodehouse societies, and are glad to say that the number of those interested is quite sufficient to have no doubts that the dream of the international Wodehousean gathering in Moscow shall come true. Meanwhile, we encourage other Wodehouseans to contact us, as we are still open to receive more guests.

Very few people (with the exception of those who have been reading Masha Lebedeva's series on the Russian references in Wodehouse) are aware how strong Plum's connection to Russia is. In August you can see it yourself. The "Old Home Week in Moscow" programme includes visits to the Kremlin (though we will not meet the big shots who reside there) and the palatial Tsaritsyno (the would-be Moscow residence of the Russian empress Catherine the Great); Moscow sightseeing bus tour, as well as walks around Moscow with visits to L. Tolstoy's Museum-Estate Khamovniki and F. Chaliapin's House-Museum, where these Great Russians once lived and worked. You shall have a unique opportunity to compare Blanding's castle with Moscow country estates - A. Chekhov's Literary and Memorial Museum (Melikhovo) and the country-mansion of the famous Russian poet Lermontov (Serednikovo). Should you feel apprehensive of Russian literary heritage being a bit dull, it may cheer you up to learn that sporting and relaxing activities will miraculously compensate for whatever momentary intellectual anguish you may experience during these otherwise gripping and wholesome excursions.


Sunday 10.08.2008

Afternoon: Arrival and Registration.

Evening: Welcome Dinner

Monday 11.08.2008

Morning: Visit to Moscow Kremlin and Armoury.

Afternoon: Visit to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Moskva-river boat-trip

Tuesday 12.08.2008

Morning: Moscow sightseeing bus tour

Afternoon: Walking tour of Moscow, F. Chaliapin House-Museum

Wednesday 13.08.2008

Morning: L. Tolstoy Museum-Estate "Khamovniki"

Afternoon: Mini-golf tournament

Thursday 14.08.2008

Day trip to Serednikovo country-mansion

Friday 15.08.2008

Day trip to A. Chekhov's Melikhovo Museum

Saturday 16.08.2008

Morning: Tsaritsyno park

Evening: Farewell Dinner


Photos from Welcome Dinner

Photos from Mini-golf tournament

extlink Photoset by Susan Brokaw

extlink Photoset by Jelle Otten

extlink Photoset by Masha Lebedeva (1)

extlink Photoset by Masha Lebedeva (2)

extlink Photoset by Marie Lasson

Report by Dirk Wonnell

Report by Hubert Lasson

Report by Jelle Otten

What Ho, Comrade! by Susan Brokaw (from Plum Lines)

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Programme in Russian (pdf)

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