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Report by Dirk Wonnell
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Upon reflection of Old Home Week in Moscow I'm very impressed with our experience. Masha and the Russian Wodehouse Society went above and beyond to provide us with a fun, stimulating and enriching exposure to Russia. I feel as though I've taken an advanced university course in Russian history, culture, architecture and literature, made all the more enjoyable thanks to the abilities of our affable translators, Helen, Dmitri and Masha.

Our Hotel Budapest was a splendid choice. It was affordable, clean, comfy and provided a convenient central meeting point for the day's excursions. The daily full breakfast was quite good and much appreciated. The welcome dinner at "Yalki-Palki" was well done

Each excursion was meaningful and well planned. I don't think we could have possibly packed any more into the week. I especially enjoyed the mini-golf tournament and "talking golf" with Dmitri. As Russia becomes more prosperous, I hope that golf grows in popularity. This certainly seems to be a possible growth industry in Russia. Perhaps a few public golf learning centers with driving range, putting greens and 9 hole par-3 executive length courses. These are quite popular in America and really help to introduce golf to people of all ages.

The trip to the Moscow Circus was enjoyed by all.

Certainly the best part of these Wodehouse gatherings remains the opportunity of making new friends with one common denominator- a love of the works of "Plum".

Our reading of "The Clicking of Cuthbert" was lots of fun owing to an inspired, zarebrated Vladimir Brusiloff (AKA: Masha). Our Cincinnati chapter particularly enjoys these dramatic readings although it is often hard to read your part while laughing and crying out loud.

The concluding farewell dinner at the restaurant Pushkin was as delicious as it was emotional. The ambiance was perfectly Wodehousian and the food superb.

Although the number of attendees was small, I'm not sure that the tour could have been as successful if there had been more participants. This would have presented several logistical problems making navigation of the Metro and viewing the smaller tour stops quite difficult.

Although Susan and I would have been better prepared if we had heeded Masha's pre-trip advice and "learn the Russian alphabet", I can say that "Old Home Week" was a life enriching success and one that I will remember with fondness for years to come. I look forward to meeting our new friends at future Wodehouse gatherings. Again, thanks to all!

Best wishes,

Dirk Wonnell

Cincinnati, OH

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