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Claude and Eustace Wooster
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Claude and Eustace Wooster, Bertie's twin cousins in The Great Sermon Handicap and The Delayed Exit of Claude and Eustace, staying at Lord Wickhammersley's Twing Hall in The Great Sermon Handicap reading for some exam with the vicar. Old Heppenstall. At school with Bertie in his last summer term, expelled from Oxford for pouring soda-water on the Senior Tutor. They infest Bertie's flat and plague the life of show-girl Marion Wardour in The Delayed Exit of Claude and Eustace until tricked by Jeeves into boarding a ship for South Africa. Aunt Agatha believes they inherited the eccentricity of Bertie's late uncle Henry.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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