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Julia Ukridge
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Julia Ukridge, wealthy and popular novelist, aunt of the much-enduring Stanley (sister of his late father) in the Ukridge stories. Lives in Heath House, one of the row of large mansions which face Wimbledon Common. Intermittently takes in her nephew and chucks him out, forces him to dress up in expensive clothes which she buys and he pops. For some reason best known to her own distorted mind it is impossible to induce her to part with a little ready cash. Author of The Heart of Adelaide and other rotten novels, keeps Pekingese dogs, collects snuffboxes, and belongs to the Pen & Ink Club. Her house, also called The Cedars, is the staging-point for Stanley's various money-making schemes. Has a cottage at Market Deeping, Sussex, called Journey's End. Goes to Hollywood in Ukridge and the Home from Home on a one-year contract to write dialogue, cut short when she swats the Main Boss of Colossal-Superfine on the ear.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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