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Viscount Uffenham
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George, sixth Viscount Uffenham, of Shipley Hall, brother of Beatrice Benedick and guardian of her daughters Anne (in Money in the Bank) and Jane (in Something Fishy). In Money in the Bank he is renting Shipley Hall to Clarissa Cork and posing as a butler named Cakebread, hoping he will recover from a head injury and remember where he has hidden the family jewels. In Something Fishy he is living at Castlewood, Mulberry Grove, Valley Fields, a property owned and shared by his former butler Augustus Keggs. Pear-shaped and bald-domed, with a long upper lip, pointed chin, and rugged brows over huge, unblinking eyes. Member of the Mausoleum Club.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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