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Money in the Bank
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First published in US: January 19 1942 by Doubleday Doran, Garden City, New York
First published in UK: May 27 1946 by Herbert Jenkins, London

Russian translation

Russian text (363K)

Not too long after George, 6th Viscount Uffenham, hit upon the brilliant idea of stashing away the family fortune in diamonds, he forgot where he had hidden them. Forced to let out Shipley Hall, he is now left with the problem of how to recover the loot.

Money in the Bank Money in the Bank Money in the Bank Money in the Bank Money in the Bank
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Mr. Shoesmith Myrtle's father and solicitor
(Jeff) Geoffrey G. Miller Young, flippant barrister who write thrillers. Starts by getting engaged to Myrtle but doesn't love her. Poses as Adair and falls in love with Anne.
Lionel Green Clarissa's nephew, an interior decorator whom Jeff hated at private school
Myrtle Shoesmith Shoesmith's imperious daughter
Ma Balsam Jeff's motherly housekeeper
Ernest Pennefather Taxicab driver suiing Tarvin and being represented by Jeff
Orlo Tarvin Successful interior decorator who is willing to take Lionel in as a partner
J. Sheringham Adair Detective agency pseudonym for Chimp Twist
Dolly Molloy Brassy, golden-haired shoplifting wife of Soapy's
Soapy Molloy Con man who tries to sell phony oil stocks
(Chimp) Alexander Twist Crook who runs a detective agency
Clarissa Cork Energetic widow of Wellesley who rented Shipley Hall and runs it as a place for plain living and higher thinking. Lionel's big-game hunting aunt.
George, Lord Uffenham 6th Viscount who rented his home to Mrs. Cork and poses as its butler. Hid his and Anne's diamonds but doesn't remember where.
Cakebread Lord Uffenham's pseudonym as the Shipley Hall butler
Anne Benedick Lord Uffenham's 23 year old niece engaged to Lionel and secretary-companion to Clarissa
Eustace Trumper Shrimp-like man who loves Clarissa
Mrs. Cleghorn (*)
Mr. Shepperson (*)

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