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James or John Schoonmaker
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James or John R. Schoonmaker of Park Avenue, New York and The Dunes, Westhampton, L.L, friend (and later husband) of Lady Constance Keeble, father of Myra in Summer Lightning (where Galahad remembers his name as Johnny) and Service With a Smile. An All-American footballer in his youth, now a large and impressive monarch of finance in his late fifties, with a massive head and handsome face interrupted about halfway up by tortoise-shell-rimmed spectacles. An old friend of Lord Ickenham, who admires his mint juleps: they creep up to you like a baby sister and slide their little hands into yours, and the next thing you know the judge is telling you to pay the clerk of the court fifty dollars.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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