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Mortimer Little
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Mortimer Little, uncle of Bingo. Creator of Little's Liniment-It Limbers Up the Legs; retired with a goodish pile, he gives Bingo a goodish allowance. Has become a great recluse since retiring and now devotes himself almost entirely to the pleasures of the table; gouty as a result, and enormously fat. In Jeeves in the Springtime (Jeeves Exerts the Old Cerebellum/No Wedding Bells for Bingo) he lives at 16 Pounceby Gardens and becomes engaged too his cook, Jane Watson. In Comrade Bingo (Comrade Bingo/Bingo Has a Bad Goodwood) he is Lord Bittlesham,, married to Jane Watson, and owner of a sluggish racehorse named Ocean Breeze. Throughout The Inimitable Jeeves he is infatuated with the romances of Rosie M. Banks, which Bingo has told him, is Bertie Wooster's pen name.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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