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William Galahad "Blister" Lister
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William Galahad "Blister" Lister, godson of Galahad Threepwood, son of a sporting journalist and a Strong Woman on the music-hall stage. A magnificently ugly man with the broad nose, prominent ears, prognathous chin, and simple, orderly mind of a kindly gorilla. What a female novelist of the Victorian era would have called "a magnificent ugly man," he is a onetime Amateur Heavyweight Boxing Champion. Has inherited a pub on the outskirts of Oxford called the Mulberry Tree. A sometime artist engaged to Prue Garland in Full Moon, where his godfather arranges for him to go to Blandings as Messmore Breamworthy and again as Mr. Landseer to paint the Empress. Married to Prue Garland in Galahad at Blandings and established in his road house outside Oxford.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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