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Mike Jackson
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Mike Jackson, friend and companion of Psmith in Mike, Psmith in the City, Psmith Journalist, Leave It to Psmith. Age 15 at the beginning of Mike, enters Wrykyn from King-Hall's, a private school at Emsworth, Hampshire. Tall, thin, and wiry, the youngest of the Jackson brothers, all of whom are keen cricketers. Lives at Wain's house and earns a place on Wrykyn's first eleven when his father withdraws him for poor grades and sends him to Sedleigh, where he lives in Outwood's, meets Psmith, and at first declines to play cricket. After Sedleigh, his name is down for King's College, Cambridge, but because of his father's financial reverses at the beginning of Psmith in the City he rents a bed-sitter in Dulwich and works at the New Asiatic Bank. At the end of Psmith in the City, he will attend Cambridge as Psmith's confidential secretary and adviser, later to take up a position as an agent on the Psmith estates. Touring America as a member of the Marylebone Cricket Club in Psmith Journalist after his first year at Cambridge with Psmith. Loses his position as manager of the Smith estate when Psmith's father dies; works for a time as master at a school. Married to Joseph Keeble's stepdaughter Phyllis in Leave It to Psmith, where they need capital to buy a farm.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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