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Psmith in the City
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First published in UK: September 23 1910 by Adam & Charles Black, London
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Russian translation

Excellent follow-up to 'Mike and Psmith'

Those who fell in love with the debonair, witty, calm and completely unruffleable Psmith will not be disappointed in this follow-up to 'Mike and Psmith'. Mike is thrust into the cold world to earn his keep in the City, but the outlook, which looks bleak, swiftly changes with the addition of Psmith to Mike's workplace and home.

Nice plot, a great sprinkling of new characters and, needless to say, hysterically funny, this book is a must-read for fans of Mike and Psmith.

Psmith in the City Psmith in the City Psmith in the City Psmith in the City Psmith in the City Psmith in the City Psmith in the City Psmith in the City
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Mr. John Bickersdyke Old school friend of Mr. Smith's and manager of the New Asiatic Bank
Mike Jackson Hero, cricket player extraordinary, Psmith's secretary and chum at the bank
Rupert Psmith Mike's co-worker in the Postage Department at the bank
Mr. Smith Psmith's very wealthy father
Bagley Mr. Smith's groundman
John Mike's bulldog
Mr. Waller Head cashier of the bank, kind family man, widower and Socialist
Bannister Felloworker in the bank
Mr. Rossiter Head of Postage Department and Mike's first boss
Bristow Replaced Mike in the Postage Dept. when Mike wenti To Cash
Edward Waller 10 year old precocious son of the Cashier
Mr. Gregory Head of the Fixed Deposits department
George Barstead (*)
Little Briggs (*)
Mr. Jackson (*)
Bob Jackson (*)
Samuel Jakes (*)

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