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"Monty" Bodkin
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Montague or Montrose "Monty" Bodkin, second-richest Drone, nephew of Sir Gregory Parsloe; there is also an Uncle Percy. Son of a solicitor with a small country-town practice, he inherited his money from an aunt who married a Pittsburgh millionaire visiting London when she was in the chorus of a musical entertainment at the Adelphi Theatre. His uncle Lancelot was jugged for passing bad cheques the year Hot Ginger won the Cesarewitch. Tall, slender, and lissom, with butter-colored hair and a voice containing something of the tonal quality of a bleating sheep combined with a suggestion of a barking prairie wolf. Tries to hold down a job in Heavy Weather, editing Tiny Tots in the Mammoth Publishing Co. during the absence of Aubrey Sellick. Will be allowed to marry Gertrude Butterwick if he can hold a job for one year. Fired from Tilbury House for giving improper advice to tiny tots, engaged by Constance Keeble as Lord Emsworth's secretary in Heavy Weather. Still engaged to Gertrude in The Luck of the Bodkins, where he has purchased a position in the Argus Enquiry Agency from Percy Pilbeam for £1,000 and is on his way to Montreal, where his family have sent him to work in an office. Once engaged to Sue Brown for a period of two weeks, during which he had had her name tattooed on his chest. Finally escapes from his engagement to Gertrude in Pearls, Girls and Monty Bodkin, where he gives up the job as Llewellyn's Adviser for Productions which he obtained by blackmail in The Luck of the Bodkins and obtains honest work helping Llewellyn write a history of Superba-Llewellyn, and agrees to marry his former secretary Sandy Miller.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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