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A Few Quick Ones
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First published in UK: June 26 1959 by Herbert Jenkins, London

Russian translation

  • Nemnogo ch'ikh-to chuvstv by N.Trauberg, I.Gurova, A.Kruglov: 2012

A collection of stories in which Wodehouse brings together some of his favourite characters for a party - Jeeves and Wooster, Mr Mulliner, the Oldest Member are all there. And, of course, the Drones are there in force.

A Few Quick Ones A Few Quick Ones A Few Quick Ones A Few Quick Ones A Few Quick Ones A Few Quick Ones A Few Quick Ones
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First published in US: April 13 1959 by Simon & Schuster, New York

  Big Business
         1952-12-13 Colliers (US)
  Scratch Man
         1940-01-20 Saturday Evening Post (US) (Tee for Two)
         1940-09 Strand (UK) (Tee for Two)
  The Right Approach
         1958-09 Lilliput (UK)
         1959-01 Playboy (US)
  The Word in Season
         1940-09-15 Harper's Bazaar (US)
  The Fat of the Land
         1958-11-02 This Week (US)
  Leave it to Algy
         1959-05-16 John Bull (UK)
  Joy Bells for Walter
         1956-10-07 This Week (US) (Keep Your Temper, Walter)
         1957-02-16 John Bull (UK) (Keep Your Temper, Walter)
  Unpleasantness at Kozy Kot
  Freddie, Oofy and the Beef Trust
  Jeeves Makes an Omelet
         1959-08 Ellery Queen (US)
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