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Indiscretions of Archie
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First published in UK: February 14 1921 by Herbert Jenkins, London
First published in US: July 15 1921 by George H. Doran, New York
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Russian translation

Having made a bitter enemy of Daniel Brewster, owner of New York's Hotel Cosmopolis, Archie Moffam (fresh from England) checks out and heads south where he woos and weds one Lucille Brewster... little thinking. Back at the Hotel Cosmopolis Archie once again finds himself confronted by Mr Brewster, who resembles nothing so much as 'man-eating fish'.

Then the fun begins.

Indiscretions of Archie Indiscretions of Archie Indiscretions of Archie Indiscretions of Archie Indiscretions of Archie Indiscretions of Archie Indiscretions of Archie Indiscretions of Archie
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  1. Distressing Scene in a Hotel
  2. A Shock for Mr Brewster
  3. Mr Brewster Delivers Sentence
  4. Work Wanted
  5. Strange Experiences of an Artist's Model
  6. The Bomb
  7. Mr Roscoe Sherriff Has an Idea
  8. A Disturbed Night For Dear Old Squiffy
  9. A Letter from Parker
  10. Doing Father a Bit of Good
  11. Salvatore Chooses the Wrong Moment
  12. Bright Eyes - and a Fly
  13. Rallying Round Percy
  14. The Sad Case of Looney Biddle
  15. Summer Storms
  16. Archie Accepts a Situation
  17. Brother Bill's Romance
  18. The Sausage Chappie
  19. Reggie Comes to Life
  20. The Sausage Chappie Clicks
  21. The Growing Boy
  22. Washy Steps into the Hall of Fame
  23. Mother's Knee
  24. The Melting of Mr Connolly
  25. The Wigmore Venus
  26. A Tale of a Grandfather

  The Man Who Married a Hotel
   1920-03 Strand (UK)
   1920-05 Cosmopolitan (US)

  Archie and the Sausage Chappie
   1920-04 Strand (UK)
   1920-06 Cosmopolitan (US)

  Dear Old Squiffy
   1920-05 Strand (UK)
   1920-07 Cosmopolitan (US)

  Doing Father a Bit of Good
   1920-06 Strand (UK)
   1920-08 Cosmopolitan (US)

  Paving the Way for Mabel
   1920-07 Strand (UK)
   1920-09 Cosmopolitan (US)

  Washy Makes His Presence Felt
   1920-08 Strand (UK)
   1920-10 Cosmopolitan (US)

  A Room at the Hermitage
   1920-09 Strand (UK)
   1920-11 Cosmopolitan (US)

  First Aid For Looney Biddle
   1920-10 Strand (UK)
   1920-12 Cosmopolitan (US)

  Mother's Knee
   1920-11 Strand (UK)
   1921-01 Cosmopolitan (US)

  Strange Experience of an Artist's Model
   1921-01 Strand (UK)
   Russian translation
  • Prikluchenie naturschika by E.Tolkachev: 1928
The Wigmore Venus 1921-02 Strand (UK)/ Cosmopolitan (US)


(Archie) Archibald Tracy Moffam — Νεrξ — Popular young English drone who is broke and married to Lucille Brewster
Daniel Brewster — Millionaire owner of the luxury Hotel Cosmopolis in New York City and Lucille's father. A connoisseur and art collector.
Lucille Brewster Moffam — Archie's wife who is small and has dark hair
Professor Binstead — Brewster's friend who specializes in art
Herbert Parker — Brewster's valet who gets fired
Mawson — Brewster's art dealer
James B. Wheeler — Popular young illustrator who has Archie pose for a magazine cover
Reggie van Tuyl — Archie's millionaire friend who gets engaged to Mabel Winchester
Officer Tim Cassidy — New York Policeman
Officer Donahue — New York Policeman
Roscoe Sherriff — Archie's press agent friend who gets him to hide a snake in the hotel
Mme. Brudowska — An actress who plays in tragedies
Peter — Mme. Brudowska's snake
General Mannister — Squiffy's uncle who is a member of the British Legation in Washington
(Squiffy) Lord Seacliff — Archie's alcoholic school chum
Bill Brewster — Lucille's brother who went to Yale
Salvatore — Archie's waiter at the Hotel
Vera Silverton — Extremely pretty actress starring in Benham's show
George Benham — Archie's playwright friend
Percy — Miss Silverton's bulldog
(Looney) Gus Biddle — Greatest left-handed pitcher of baseball
Mabel Winchester — English chorus girl engaged to Bill and Reggie
John Smith — The Sausage Chappie
Jno. Blake — English proprietor of a cigar store on 6th Avenue
Mrs. Cora Bates McCall — Lecturer on Rational Eating
Lindsey McCall — Cora's husband who's afraid of her
Washington McCall — Redheaded pie eating champion and 16 year old son of the McCall's
Wilson Hymack — Composer of "Mother's Knee"
Spectatia Huskisson — Singer whom Bill loves
Max Blumenthal — Music publisher
Aloysius Connolly — Brewster's friend and strike-making labor leader
Alice Wigmore — Painted the Venus and Wheeler's fiancee
Henry Babcock — messenger arrested in connection with a bond-robbery (*)
James J. Gossett (*)
Elmer M. Moon (*)
Jane Murchison (*)
Spike O'Dowd (*)
Timothy O'Neill (*)
Pauline Preston (*)
Bobbie St Clair (*)
Simmons (*)
Carl Steinberg (*)

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