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Rodney Has a Relapse
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First published: 1949-02 Nat'l. Home Monthly (Canada) (Rupert Has a Relapse)

Russian translation

  • Liricheskij pristup by N.Trauberg, A.Azov: 2004


Oldest Member
William Bates Strapping golfer who married Jane
Rodney Spelvin William's brother-in-law whno had been a poet and now writes mysteries. Starts writing poems again, this time for his son.
Anastatia Spelvin Rodney's wife of seven yeaears, a superb golfer
Timothy Spelvin Rodney's young son
Braid Bates William's frank and uninhibited nine year old son
Jane Bates Good golfer
Joe Stocker Rodney's rival for the Rabbit's Umbrella

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