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First published: 1948 (The Hazards of Horace Bewstridge)

Russian translation

  • Excelsior by N.Trauberg: 2008


Oldest Member
Horace Bewstridge A poor golfer who loves Vera and kicks the Bottses into a chasm
Vera Witherby Niece of Ponsford Botts
Ponsford Botts Tells anecdotes in dialect
Lavender Botts Whimsical novelist
Irwin Botts Ponsford's young son
Alphonse The Botts' poodle
R.P. Crumbles Horace's boss
Sir George Copstone Owns chain stores throughout England
Wilberforce Bream (*)
Mortimer Gooch (*)
Alfred Jukes (*)
Peter Willard (*)

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