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Lord Worplesdon
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Percival or Percy Craye, Lord Worplesdon, father of Lady Florence Craye, Percy Craye, and Edwin. In Disentangling Old Percy, already some years a widower, he lives in self-imposed exile, having fled his family to live on the Continent. A rather large man with elephantiasis of the temper, he came down to breakfast one morning, lifted the first cover he saw, said "Eggs! Eggs! Eggs! Damn all eggs!" in an overwrought sort of voice, and instantly legged it for France. Marries Dorothea Darrell in Disentangling Old Percy. A former employer of Jeeves. When Bertie was fifteen Lord W. found him smoking one of his special cigars in the stable yard and chased him a mile across difficult country with a riding crop. Was at Oxford with Bertie's Uncle Willoughby, thrown out of a music hall with him in 1887. Second husband of Agatha Wooster in Joy in the Morning, The Mating Season, and Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit; master of Bumpleigh Hall, Steeple Bumpleigh, Hampshire. A shipping magnate, owner of the Pink Funnel Line.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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