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Rosalinda Spottsworth
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Rosalinda Banks Bessemer Spottsworth, rich American widow in Ring For Jeeves. Born Rosalinda Banks of Chillicothe, Ohio, her first husband was Clifton Bessemer, the Pulp Paper Magnate, who died in a head-on collision with a beer truck; her second was Alexis B. Spottsworth, sportsman and big-game hunter, killed by a wounded lion. Recent devotee of psychic research, a Rotationist with homes in Pasadena, Carmel, New York, Florida, Maine, and Oregon. Buys Towcester Abbey to move it to California stone by stone. Owns a Peke named Pomona and the undying love of Captain Brabazon-Biggar.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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