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William Bates
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William Bates, lymphatic golfer in a trio of golfing stories (Rodney Fails to Qualify, Jane Gets off the Fairway, The Purification of Rodney Spelvin), resembles a motor-lorry in physique, as a rule shares that vehicle's placid and unruffled outlook on life. Lives mainly on chops and beer, weighs 14 stone 6. Attached to Jane Packard in Rodney Fails to Qualify, where he wins her hand; in Jane Gets off the Fairway he and Jane are married with a son, Braid Vardon Bates; in The Purification of Rodney Spelvin they are seven years married and Braid Vardon, now four, is receiving golf instruction from William's sister Anastatia. By Rodney Has a Relapse, in which his son Braid is nine, years of incessant golf in all weathers have converted his cheeks into a substance resembling red leather.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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