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The Swoop! and Other Stories
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First published in US: April 11 1979 by Seabury, New York
Edited and introduced by David A. Jasen; with an appreciation by Malcolm Muggeridge.

  The Swoop!
  Bradshaw's Little Story
          1902-07 Captain (UK)
  A Shocking Affair
  The Politeness of Princes
          1905-05 Captain (UK)
  Shields' and the Cricket Cup
          1905-06 Captain (UK)
  An International Affair
          1905-09 Captain (UK)
  The Guardian
          1908-09 Windsor Magazine (UK)
  Something to Worry About
          1913-02 Strand (UK)
  The Tuppenny Millionaire
          1912-10 Strand (UK)
  Deep Waters
          1910-05-28 Colliers (US)
          1910-06  Strand (UK)
  The Goal-Keeper and the Plutocrat
          1912-01 Strand (UK)

The Swoop! and Other Stories
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