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The Swoop
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First published in UK: April 16 1909 by Alston Rivers, Ltd., London
E-text (118K)

Subtitle: "How Clarence Saved England."

Russian translation

  • Brosok! by E. Danilina: 2008

The story of the invasion of England by the Germans and how England was saved by a boy scout.

The Swoop The Swoop
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Clarence MacAndrew Chugwater 14 year old Chief Scout of the Boy Scouts and junior sub-reporter for a London evening paper
Mr. Chugwater Clarence's father
Mrs. Chugwater Clarence's mother
Reggie Chugwater Clarence's elder brother
Ralph Peabody Grace's fiance
Alice Clarence's sister
Horace Chugwater Another brother
Grace Clarence's sister
Prince Otto Invader from Saxe-Pfenning, Germany
Captain the Graf von Poppenheim Invader with Prince Otto
Grand Duke Vodkakoff Russian invader
Mad Mullah Invader from Somaliland
Private William Buggins Boyscout
Wagstaff Scout master
Private Biggs Boyscout
Prince Ping Pong Pang (*)
Solly Quhayne (*)
Raisuli (*)

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