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Company For Henry (The Purloined Paperweight)
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US Title: The Purloined Paperweight
First published in US: May 12 1967 by Simon & Schuster, New York
UK Title: Company For Henry
First published in UK: October 26 1967 by Herbert Jenkins, London

Russian translation

Russian text (272K)

When brokers' men skulk in the kitchens...

When lovers with beautiful natures and ferocious faces skulk in the grounds, when millionaires go potty over eighteenth-century French paperweights entailed on impoverished squires who ask nothing better than to sell them - then the rich fabric of life is apt to need a little retailoring.

And when Wodehouse sews it up, if fits like the proverbial glove.

The Purloined Paperweight Company For Henry Company For Henry Company For Henry The Purloined Paperweight The Purloined Paperweight
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Henry Paradene Impecunious owner of Ashby Hall. Now in his mid-fifties, he was once in musical comedy on stage.
Mrs. Makepeace Paradene's neighbor who cleans house for him
Jane Martyn Small, fair-haired heroine who works for the London office of News-week. Henry's niece who is engaged to Lionel but falls in love with Bill.
(Algy) Algernon Martyn Jane's lazy, good natured brother who went to school with Lionel and Bill
Lionel Green Handsome interior decorator who is engaged to Jane and wants out
J. Wendell Stickney American millionaire related to Paradene. Only son of G.J. Stickney of Stickney's Dairy Products who collects 18th century paperweights.
(Bill) Thomas Hardy Algy's school chum who looks like a gangster and writes mystery novels under the name of Adela Bristow; loves Jane
Clarence Binstead Ex-musical comedy actor now a Broker's man for Duff and Trotter
Orlo Tarvin Lionel's partner
Mrs. Simmons Hired cook at Ashby Hall
Kelly Stickney Wendell's aunt in her forties who is a delightful character. An ex-chorus girl and widow of Theodore.
Clarkson Stickney's 36 year old skinny English valet
Mrs. Heavenly Rest Johnson Stickney's nonresident cook
Mrs. Loretta Stickney Pond Wendell's bossy sister who is a lecturer and publicist
Andrew Ferris 54 year old hired butler of Ashby Hall.
Claude Wade-Pigott Paradene's neighbor on the stock exchange
Mr.Jellicoe Tobacconist at Ashby Paradene
Brinsley Mereweather Bill's New York literary agent
Otis J. Peabody (*)

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